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The origin and early evolution of genetic codon system and early mRNAs were analyzed from a viewpoint of primordial gene theory and the poly-tRNA theory. A hypothetical 25-amino acid (aa)-primordial peptide was deduced from internal aa-sequence homology of adenylate kinases. Theoretical models were made which can reasonably explain how primitive tRNA(s)(More)
Poly-tRNA theory have revealed that the tRNA gene-clusters in the Bacillus subtilis trrnD- and rrnB-operons are relics of early peptide-synthesizing RNA apparatus. The trrnD-type and rrnB-type poly-tRNA models were re-analyzed by using recent databases. The results elucidated that the 16 amino acid (aa)-trrnD- and the 21 aa-rrnB-peptides (whose aa sequences(More)
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