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UNLABELLED The efficacy and prognosis with neoadjuvant chemotherapy(NAC)for advanced gastric cancer were assessed by histopathological examination of resected tumors. The subjects consisted of cases (< or =75 y.o.) having type 4/large type 3 (diameter> or = 8 cm) gastric cancer curable by resection based on preoperative imaging diagnostics. The NAC regimen(More)
Purpose. Positive mRNA expression of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is often found in histologically negative lymph nodes, even in early gastric cancer. Therefore, we examined the differences in mRNA expression in MKN45 gastric cancer cells obtained under various cell conditions, namely, living cells, necrosis, and apoptosis, and assessed the possibility of(More)
Even though liver resection is the first choice against metastatic liver tumors, oncologists are often obliged to include other treatment modalities depending on metastatic tumor size, number of metastatic nodules, location of tumors, patient's general condition, and so on. Among others we selected cryoablation therapy against unresectable tumors and(More)
Risk factors for hypokalemia were analyzed in patients who received anti-epidermal growth factor receptor monoclonal antibodies (anti-EGFR MoAbs) at Gifu Municipal Hospital between February 2010 and March 2013. Subjects were 51 patients (27 men and 24 women) with the median age (interquartile range) of 66 (63-72) years. The study period started from the(More)
We investigated the antitumor effect of oral administration of etoposide and arabinofuranosylcytosine-5′-stearylphosphate (C18PCA) against P388 ascites tumors in B6D2F1 mice. Etoposide (25 mg/kg) and C18PCA (5 mg/kg) were given orally on days 1–5 after tumor inoculation. The median life span of the mice treated with etoposide or C18PCA alone was 19.5 and 18(More)
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