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We developed learning environment for stars and constellations with finger pointing under real night sky.This environment has some functions. First function is star name telling function. When a learner points a finger at a star with the sensor on his/her finger top, the system tells him/her name of the star and constellation with voice. Then, second(More)
Y2O3-stabilized tetragonal ZrO2 polycrystal (Y-TZP) has been known to be an excellent structural material with high strength and toughness since the pioneering study by Garvie et al. in 1975. However, Y-TZP is not considered an environmental or biomedical material because it undergoes an inherent tetragonal-to-monoclinic (T → M) phase transformation in(More)
PURPOSE The general dexmedetomidine (DEX) concentration required for sedation of intensive care unit patients is considered to be approximately 0.7 ng/mL. However, higher DEX concentrations are considered to be required for sedation and/or pain management after major surgery using remifentanil. We determined the DEX concentration required after major(More)
It is required to improve reliability and economical efficiency of nuclear power plant (NPP) at the same time. There is a room to achieve this goal by introducing state-of-art information technology into maintenance work of NPP. In this study, a maintenance support system using Augmented Reality (AR) has been proposed to support water system isolation task(More)
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