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An iso.w~-fuct: cun. bt: cfii'citxtly generated by visiting uiljacent in.tcrsccted cells in oriler~ ins if the isosurfuct: were pr0pagutin.g itself. We prfxrio~~sly proposed (~71 e:c-trcmn yruph mcthofl, which generates in gruph conmct-iq e.utrenmm points. The isostrrfuce propayation starts from sonLe of the intcrsectcd cells that are found both by visiting(More)
A high-performance algorithm for generating isosurfaces is presented. In this algorithm, extrema points in a scalar field are first extracted. A graph is then generated in which the extrema points are taken as nodes. Each arc of the graph has a list of IDs of the cells that are intersected by the arc. A boundary cell list ordered according to cells' values(More)
We propose a parameter optimization technique using the response surface methodology (RSM) for the accurate biological cell simulation which calculates cell behavior by numerically integrating the differential equation and generates action potentials, intracellular Ca transient, contraction, and intracellular ATP consumption by using parameter values of(More)
A technique for visualizing intrusion-detection system log files using hierarchical data based on IP addresses represents the number of incidents for thousands of computers in one display space. Our technique applies a hierarchical data visualization technique that represents leaf nodes as black square icons and branch nodes as rectangular borders enclosing(More)
Activation of caspases is crucial for the execution of apoptosis. Although the caspase cascade associated with activation of the initiator caspase-8 (CASP8) has been investigated in molecular and biochemical detail, the physiological role of CASP8 is not fully understood. Here, we identified a two-pore domain potassium channel, tandem-pore domain(More)
ÐOne of the most effective techniques for developing efficient isosurfacing algorithms is the reduction of visits to nonisosurface cells. Recent algorithms have drastically reduced the unnecessary cost of visiting nonisosurface cells. The experimental results show almost optimal performance in their isosurfacing processes. However, most of them have a(More)
Hardware-accelerated image composition for sort-last parallel rendering has received increasing attention as an effective solution to increased performance demands brought about by the recent advances in commodity graphics accelerators. So far, several different hardware solutions for alpha and depth compositing have been proposed and a few of them have(More)