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Alterations of several microRNA (miRNA) have been linked to cancer development and its biology. To search for unique miRNA that might play a role in the development of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC), we examined the expression of multiple miRNA and their functional effects on target genes in human thyroid carcinoma cell lines. We quantitatively(More)
Two types of CMOS rectifier circuits for UHF RFIDs have been proposed. Large power conversion efficiency (PCE) has been achieved by Vth cancellation techniques. In the Self-Vth-Cancellation (SVC) CMOS rectifier, the threshold voltage of MOSFETs is cancelled by gate bias voltage generated from the output voltage of the rectifier itself, resulting in(More)
Cooperation and competition are core issues in various fields, since they are claimed to affect the evolution of human societies and ecological organizations. A long-standing debate has existed on how social behaviors and preferences are shaped with culture. Considering the economic environment as part of culture, this study examines whether the ongoing(More)
The encoding speed of vector quantization (VQ) is a time bottleneck to its practical applications due to it performing a lot of k-dimensional (kD) Euclidean distance computations. By using famous statistical features of the sum and the variance of a kD vector to estimate the Euclidean distance first, an IEENNS (improved equal-average equal-variance nearest(More)
In a framework of vector quantization (VQ), the encoding speed is a key issue for its practical applications. To speed up the VQ encoding process, Walsh transform is introduced in the previous work to map vectors in a k-dimensional (k-D) spatial domain into k-D Walsh domain in order to exploit the energy-compaction property of an orthogonal transform.(More)
  • Koji Kotani
  • Proceedings of the IEEE 2013 Custom Integrated…
  • 2013
A highly efficient CMOS rectifier assisted by symmetric PV cells was developed as an example of possible realization of the synergistic ambient energy harvesting concept. In addition, output-voltage-boosted PV cell structures were found to effectively improve the efficiency of this rectifier. As a result, under typical indoor lighting conditions, 30% power(More)