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BACKGROUND Extraventricular neurocytoma (EVN) is a rare neuronal tumor histologically similar to central neurocytoma but arising in the brain parenchyma outside the ventricles. The minority of EVNs show atypical features including increased proliferative index, microvascular proliferation, or necrosis, and are called atypical EVN. Most of atypical EVNs(More)
INTRODUCTION Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy characterized by symmetric limb weakness. Children with GBS sometimes consult the orthopaedists because of limb pain and gait disturbance. The orthopaedists, however, are unfamiliar with GBS, since it has rarely been delineated in detail in the orthopaedic(More)
Fibular hemimelia is a rare but the most common congenital long bone deficiency, encompassing a broad range of anomalies from isolated fibular hypoplasia up to substantial femoral and tibial shortening with ankle deformity and foot deficiency. Most cases of fibular hemimelia manifest clinically significant leg length discrepancy (LLD) with time that(More)
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