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A new method for prosodic word boundary detection in continuous speech was developed based on the statistical modeling of moraic transitions of fundamental frequency (F0) contours, formerly proposed by the authors. In the developed method, F 0 contours of prosodic words were mod-eled separately according to the accent types. An input utterance was matched(More)
When using Weighted Finite State Transducers (WFSTs) in speech recognition, on-the-fly composition approaches have been proposed as a method of reducing memory consumption and increasing flexibility during decoding. We have recently implemented several fast on-the-fly techniques, namely avoiding dead-end states, dynamic pushing and state sharing in our(More)
Car navigation systems are getting more and more popular and many of them equip a speech recognition system for hands-free interface. However, the speech input interface is not widely used because of insufficient recognition performance. In order to improve the recognition performance and make the speech interface more practical, a real-car-environment(More)