Koji Iwano

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A new method for prosodic word boundary detection in continuous speech was developed based on the statistical modeling of moraic transitions of fundamental frequency (F0) contours, formerly proposed by the authors. In the developed method, F 0 contours of prosodic words were mod-eled separately according to the accent types. An input utterance was matched(More)
When using Weighted Finite State Transducers (WFSTs) in speech recognition, on-the-fly composition approaches have been proposed as a method of reducing memory consumption and increasing flexibility during decoding. We have recently implemented several fast on-the-fly techniques, namely avoiding dead-end states, dynamic pushing and state sharing in our(More)
In the field of audiovisual speech recognition, multi-stream HMMs are widely used, thus how to automatically and properly determine stream weight factors using a small data set becomes an important research issue. This paper proposes a new stream-weight optimization method based on an output likelihood normalization criterion. In this method, the stream(More)
This paper proposes an audiovisual speech recognition method using lip movement extracted from side-face images to attempt to increase noise-robustness in mobile environments. Although most previous bimodal speech recognition methods use frontal face (lip) images, these methods are not easy for users since they need to hold a device with a camera in front(More)