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Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome is a common overuse injury in runners and cyclists. It is regarded as a friction syndrome where the ITB rubs against (and 'rolls over') the lateral femoral epicondyle. Here, we re-evaluate the clinical anatomy of the region to challenge the view that the ITB moves antero-posteriorly over the epicondyle. Gross anatomical and(More)
BACKGROUND The etiology of primary osteoarthritis of the ankle is not well understood. The varus deformity of the ankle and the compensatory function of the subtalar joint are expected to be important factors in the progression of osteoarthritis. The purpose of this study was to document joint inclination at the various stages and to try to deduce the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study combined ultrasonography of the Achilles tendon enthesis at different stages of spondylarthritis (SpA) with microanatomic studies of normal cadaveric entheses, with the aim of exploring the relationship between bone erosion and new bone formation in enthesitis. METHODS Thirty-seven patients with SpA and Achilles tendon enthesitis (20(More)
Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome is regarded as an overuse injury, common in runners and cyclists. It is believed to be associated with excessive friction between the tract and the lateral femoral epicondyle-friction which 'inflames' the tract or a bursa. This article highlights evidence which challenges these views. Basic anatomical principles of the ITB(More)
BACKGROUND Disorders of the enthesis are often a consequence of sports injuries. However, there is uncertainty regarding the process of mechanical stress-related injuries at the enthesis and the subsequent repair process of the injured tissues. To elucidate the repair process of the fibrocartilaginous enthesis, we studied the repair of injured(More)
This manuscript describes a study of the evaluation of T2 and T2* changes in a hypervascular tumor model (hemodialyzer phantom) under conditions simulating dynamic perfusion study. The measured 1/T2* was strongly dependent on the compartmentalization of contrast material within the model, whereas the observed 1/T2 was not. Gradient-echo magnetic resonance(More)
To enhance early bonding of an alumina ceramic implant to bone, we evaluated a method of seeding the implant surface with bone marrow mesenchymal cells that differentiated to osteoblasts and bone matrix prior to implantation. The usefulness of the method was evaluated in Japanese white rabbits. In our study, an alumina ceramic test piece loaded with(More)
INTRODUCTION Many studies have been carried out to reveal the mechanism of the short stature of Pygmy hunter-gatherers in the African rainforest. However, due to limitations concerning age-estimation, sample collecting and data analysis, their complete growth pattern has not yet been clarified. AIMS This study has three aims as below; (1) to develop a(More)
Resection is a standard surgical procedure for a talocalcaneal coalition (TCC). A posterior approach is the representative technique for hindfoot endoscopy, and there is only 1 report of endoscopic resection of TCC using this approach. Disadvantages of the posterior approach for TCC are as follows: (1) the indication is limited to posterior-facet coalition,(More)
Although most human mycosis develops in immunocompromised patients as an opportunistic infection, its frequency will be influenced by historical changes in diseases and by progress in medical technology. An example of local occurrence is pulmonary aspergilloma in an open negative cavity, and a systemic example is the onset of invasive pulmonary(More)