Koji Harada

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We calculate three-and four-point functions in super Liouville theory coupled to super Coulomb gas on world sheets with spherical topology. We first integrate over the zero mode and assume that a parameter takes an integer value. After calculating the amplitudes, we formally continue the parameter to an arbitrary real number. Remarkably the result is(More)
We propose an application of variational Bayesian inference to the problem of blind estimation of single-input multiple-output (SIMO), finite-impulse-response (FIR) channels. The blind channel estimation problem has been extensively studied well over a decade. Nevertheless, there are some types of channel that cannot be successfully estimated by existing(More)
A novel nonparametric spectral estimation technique for phase noise based on the complementary autocorrelation (CAC) is presented. Utilizing the fact that the CAC of phase noise is not zero, this technique offers a distinct advantage that the power spectrum of phase noise is estimated whereas that of other kinds of noise are suppressed as long as they are(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel estimation technique<sup>1</sup> of the power spectral density (PSD) of phase noise based on complementary autocorrelation (CAC). Utilizing the fact that the CAC of phase noise is nonzero, this technique offers a distinct advantage that the PSD of phase noise is estimated while canceling other circular-symmetric noises.(More)
We investigate the mesonic light-front bound-state equations of the 't Hooft and Schwinger model in the two-particle, i.e. valence sector, for small fermion mass. We perform a high precision determination of the mass and light-cone wave function of the lowest lying meson by combining fermion mass perturbation theory with a variational approach. All(More)
The massive Schwinger model is quantized on the light cone with great care on the bosonic zero modes by putting the system in a finite (light-cone) spatial box. The zero mode of A − survives Dirac's procedure for the constrained system as a dynamical degree of freedom. After regularization and quantization, we show that the physical space condition is(More)
We investigate mesons in the bosonized massive Schwinger model in the light-front Tamm-Dancoff approximation in the strong coupling region. We confirm that the three-meson bound state has a few percent fermion six-body component in the strong coupling region when expressed in terms of fermion variables, consistent with our previous calculations. We also(More)
The cancer stem cells (CSCs), a small subpopulation of cells in tumor are responsible for the tumor initiation, growth, recurrence and metastasis of cancer, as well as resistance of cancers to drugs or radiotherapy. CSCs are an important target for the development of novel strategies in cancer treatment. However, CSCs-targeted new anti-cancer drug discovery(More)