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(␮-O) 2 in superoxidized manganese catalase has been suggested as the basis for inactivity of this oxidation state; G. argued against a Mn valence change on S 2 3 S 3 , and Yachandra et al. (4) have proposed that one-electron oxidation of the bridging oxo group (or groups) occurs. However, a similar bridging oxyl ligand formulation for intermediate X in(More)
To evaluate the significance of neuroendocrine differentiation in duct carcinoma of the pancreas, we investigated 79 pancreatic carcinomas, applying histochemistry and immunohistochemistry (chromogranin A, Leu-7, synaptophysin and neuron-specific enolase (NSE), and correlated the morphologic differentiation pattern with clinicopathological characteristics.(More)
peer-viewed articles and books, book chapters and other non-peer reviewed publications. Only articles, book chapters, or books that were actually published during this time frame are included. Faculty within the department have been quite productive in terms of the number and quality of publications and their participation in national, regional and local(More)
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