Koichiro Takayama

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We have developed a filter-based framework where several fundamentally different techniques can be combined to provide fully automated and efficient heuristic solutions to verification and possibly other NP-complete problems. Such an integrated methodology is far more robust and efficient than any single existing technique on a wide variety of circuits. Our(More)
In this paper, we present a successful application of a simulation-based sequential Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) for safety property verification, with the target on verifying safety property of large, industrial strength, hardware designs for which current formal methods fail. Several techniques are developed to increase the effectiveness and(More)
While mining software repositories is a field which has greatly grown over the last ten years, Large Scale Integrated circuit (LSI) design repository mining has yet to reach the momentum of software's. We felt that it represents untouched potential especially for defect prediction. In an LSI, referred to as hardware later on, verification has a high cost(More)
—A standard design methodology for embedded processors today is the system-on-a-chip design with potentially multiple heterogeneous processing elements on a chip, such as a very long instruction word (VLIW) processor, digital signal processor (DSP), and field-programmable gate array. To be able to program these devices, we need compilers that are capable of(More)
We describe a methodology for designing, testing, and verifying hardware designs from a high level of abstraction, using a visual formalism based on hierarchical message sequence charts. We develop a method for generating behaviors and monitors automatically from this high level description, and using it to validate actual hardware implementations developed(More)