Koichiro Okamura

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Robotica / Volume 14 / Issue 04 / July 1996, pp 415 421 DOI: 10.1017/S0263574700019810, Published online: 09 March 2009 Link to this article: http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S0263574700019810 How to cite this article: Koichiro Okamura and F.C. Park (1996). Kinematic calibration using the product of exponentials formula. Robotica, 14, pp 415-421(More)
Established firms often face significant obstacles to innovation. As a solution, it has been suggested to form corporate ventures. Based on a sample of corporate and independent ventures in German manufacturing, we show that corporate ventures are more innovative than the control group of independent ventures. In particular, corporate ventures are more(More)
The most important determinants of the probability that two firms will engage in a research partnership are the relationship between them, including resource and market interdependencies and network interactions, and the characteristics of each firm. Firms are more likely to collaborate the closer they are in terms of both technological and market profiles,(More)
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