Koichiro Morinaga

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We have characterized the apolipoprotein multigene family of the pufferfish Takifugu rubripes. The pufferfish mainly contains 28-kDa, 27-kDa, and 14-kDa apolipoproteins in its plasma and was designated apo-28 kDa, apo-27 kDa, and apo-14 kDa, respectively. N-terminal amino acid sequencing revealed that pufferfish apo-28 kDa and apo-27 kDa have an identical(More)
To determine whether or not changes in wall shear stress play a determinant role in the induction of hyperplasia of intimal tissue of arterially transplanted vein grafts, we developed two models of canine femoral arteries. Wall shear stress was defined by variation of wall shear stress (tau-variation) in the cardiac cycle, with the use of a newly designed(More)
To investigate the influence of hemodynamic conditions on intimal thickening of arterially transplanted autologous vein grafts, two experimental models of canine femoral arteries were prepared. In group I, in which an autologous vein graft was transplanted under abnormal flow conditions (distal poor runoff), intimal thickening gradually developed and(More)
The case of a patient with ischemic symptoms due to occlusion of a persistent left sciatic artery is presented. Femoral arteriography revealed a tapering hypoplastic superficial femoral artery terminating as small branches in the distal thigh and a hyperplastic profunda femoris artery. Also, translumbar aortography demonstrated an abrupt occlusion of a(More)
BACKGROUND The addition of a metal chelator, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), to semen extender has the purpose of capturing trace element ions. OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of EDTA on the quality and in vitro fertilisability of liquid-preserved boar spermatozoa. METHODS In Experiment 1, semen samples were preserved(More)
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