Koichiro Enomoto

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A flock, school, and swarm are collective behaviors that can be compared to a human consciousness or body. Through recent developments in image analysis and model simulation, it has been found that the collective behavior of animals can, as a whole, show characteristics of a single " body ". It has also been found that intrinsic noise can positively(More)
The results of fishery investigations are used to estimate the catch size, times fish are caught, and future stocks in the fish culture industry. In Tokoro, Japan, scallop farms for fisheries are found on gravel and sand seabeds. The seabed images are used for fishery investigations , which are absolutely necessary to visually estimate the amount of(More)
The soldier crab appears in great numbers and feeds while wandering during daytime low tide. When they see an approaching object, they screw themselves into the sand. The mechanism of formation of mass wandering has not been clarified. In this study, to investigate if the soldier crabs use visual images of neighbors as a stimulus for wandering, dummy crabs(More)
Facial expression plays an important role as non-verbal information in dialogue communication. People complement verbal information with non-verbal information to hold a smooth conversation. To date, collaboration between information engineering and psychology has enabled development of human facial expression recognition technology. Most of the related(More)
Recently, the investigation method has been developed to measure fishes using an underwater video camera. These methods can investigate the benthic fishery resources, but the acoustic survey cannot. However , these investigations do not use automatic measurements from the videos but only taken the videos. In this paper, we propose a method to count the(More)
We propose a method of extracting scallop areas from gravel seabed images to assess fish resources, and developed an automatic system that measures their quantities, sizes, and states. Scallops feature different colors, fluted patterns and forms. The present study is described our method of extracting these features, and presented the results and its(More)
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