Koichi Yasuoka

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P This paper presents an e cient method for manipulating very large Shared inary-Deciston Diagrams (SBDD’S) which am too large to be stored within main memory. In contrast that the conventional depth-first aigorithm causes random access of memory,, the proposed method is intended to cause sequential access of memory. The main idea o our method is leveli(More)
A nonlinear multivariate analysis, artificial autoassociative neural network (AANN), was applied to bioprocess fault detection. In an optimal production process of a recombinant yeast with a temperature controllable expression system, faults in test cases with faulty temperature sensors and plasmid instability of recombinant cells could be detected by the(More)
A new type of ozone generator using a micro hollow cathode discharge has been developed. The electrode system consists of two thin metal cathodes and a ceramic spacer with center holes of a few100 mm diameter. The ozone generation efficiency increases up to 45 g/kWh at the ozone concentration of 7.6 g/Nm without any cooling systems by feeding highpressure(More)
Deterioration of the swallowing function in elderly persons and drug refusal among the behavioral abnormalities in Alzheimer's disease (AD) are commonly reported. Therefore, we developed an easy-to-swallow jelly formulation of Donepezil HCl which AD patients can take as a dessert. The development process, however, was full of trade-off problems. (1) Need(More)
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