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A population protocol is one of distributed computing models for passively-mobile systems, where a number of agents change their states by pairwise interactions between two agents. In this paper, we investigate the solvability of the self-stabilizing leader election in population protocols without any kind of oracles. We identify the necessary and(More)
In the context of designing a scalable overlay network to support decentralized topic-based pub/sub communication, the Minimum Topic-Connected Overlay problem (Min-TCO in short) has been investigated: Given a set of t topics and a collection of n users together with the lists of topics they are interested in, the aim is to connect these users to a network(More)
The poor oral bioavailability arising from poor aqueous solubility should make drug research and development more difficult. Various approaches have been developed with a focus on enhancement of the solubility, dissolution rate, and oral bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs. To complete development works within a limited amount of time, the(More)
A radio network is a collection of transmitter-receiver devices (referred to as nodes). ARB (Acknowledged Radio Broadcasting) means transmitting a message from one special node called source to all the nodes and informing the source about its completion. In our model each node takes a synchronization per round and performs transmission or reception at one(More)
Spinach chloroplasts were found to contain three forms of cytochrome b(559) that have the same alpha-peak at 559 nm, but are distinguished from one another by their oxidation-reduction potentials. The high-potential (H) form (E(m) about 330-350 mV) is reducible by hydroquinone, the middle-potential (M) form (E(m) about 50-80 mV) is reducible by ascorbate(More)
This paper presents the following algorithms to compute the sum of n d-bit integers on reconfigurable parallel computation models: (1) a constant-time algorithm on a reconfigurable mesh of the bit model of size &log(‘(‘)) n x dfi, (2) an O(log*n)-time algorithm on a reconfigurable mesh of the bit model of size dm x ddm, (3) an O(logd + log*n)-time algorithm(More)
Snapdragon seedlings, 20 mm in length, were cut into 5 segments from the cotyledon to the root, which were cultured in vitro on hormone-free MS medium. Adventitious shoot formation was highest in the basal hypocotyl segments with stimulation by the addition of BA. Endogenous cytokinins were higher in the basal hypocotyl segments than in the two upper(More)