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Amyloid beta protein (A beta), the central constituent of senile plaques in Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain, is known to exert toxic effects on cultured neurons. The role of the voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channel (VSCC) in beta (25-35) neurotoxicity was examined using rat cultured cortical and hippocampal neurons. When L-type VSCCs were blocked by application of(More)
Industrial control systems are often hybrid systems that are required to satisfy strict performance requirements. Verifying designs against requirements is a difficult task, and there is a lack of suitable open benchmark models to assess, evaluate, and compare tools and techniques. Benchmark models can be valuable for the hybrid systems research community,(More)
The supracommissural ventral telencephalon and the medial preoptic area have been shown to play important roles in the sexual behavior of himé salmon (landlocked red salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka). In the present study, the sites of neurons projecting to these regions were examined by means of the retrograde horseradish peroxidase (HRP) tracing method. The(More)
We investigated the effects on 5HT(serotonin) 2C receptor RNA editing efficiency of contusive SCI (spinal cord injury). Using cloning followed by sequence analysis on spinal cord samples taken, we compared mRNA editing. Our results might be evidence of a functional adaptation mechanism in which increased expression of 5HT2C mRNA isoforms that encode(More)
Glial involvement in the degeneration process of Lewy body (LB)-bearing neurons and the degradation process of LBs in the cerebral cortex and amygdala in brains of dementia with Lewy bodies was investigated immunohistochemically. HLA-DR-positive microglia frequently extended their processes to degenerated neurons with alpha-synuclein-positive LBs, while(More)
We examined whether infraorbital nerve injury affected the RNA editing efficiency of the serotonin (5HT) 2C receptor in the cervical spinal cord, in association with increased pain thresholds, and whether a 5HT reuptake inhibitor (fluvoxamine; Depromel, Meiji Seika, Tokyo, Japan) altered this editing. Accordingly, we injured rats with an infraorbital nerve(More)
In Model-Based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), it is often desirable to develop several models of varying fidelity. Models of different fidelity levels can enable mathematical analysis of the model, control synthesis, faster simulation etc. Furthermore, when (automatically or manually) transitioning from a model to its implementation on an actual(More)
Efferents from the area ventralis telencephali pars supracommissuralis (Vs) of hime salmon (landlocked red salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka) were studied using anterograde degeneration methods. It was found that Vs sends intratelencephalic fibers bilaterally to the internal cell layer of the olfactory bulb and wide areas of telencephalon, while it sends(More)
We neuropathologically and immunohistochemically investigated characteristics of the central amygdaloid nucleus lesion and its relationship with the substantia nigra lesion in dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) brains. Nine DLB, four Parkinson's disease (PD) and four Alzheimer-type dementia (ATD) cases were examined. The degree of neuronal loss in the(More)