Koichi Takinami

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Lipase from Rhizopus delemar was immobilized by entrapment with photo-crosslinkable resin prepolymers or urethane prepolymers or by binding to various types of porous silica beads. The immobilized lipase preparations thus obtained were examined for their activity in converting olive oil to an interesterified fat (cacao butter-like fat), whose oleic acid(More)
Gel-entrapped whole cells of Enterobacter aerogenes, which has a transglycosylation activity, were used to produce adenine arabinoside from uracil arabinoside and adenine, in an appropriate water-organic cosolvent system. Cells of E. aerogenes entrapped with a hydrophilic photo-crosslinkable resin prepolymer, ENT-4000, or a urethane prepolymer, PU-6, had a(More)
Several genes of the lysine biosynthetic pathway were cloned separately on the high copy number plasmid pBR322 (Richaud et al. 1981). These hybrid plasmids were used to transform an Escherichia coli strain TOC R 21 that overproduces lysine due to mutations altering the aspartokinase reaction. The synthesis of lysine was studied in these different strains.(More)
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