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Recently, the need of colonoscopy is increasing because of the rise of colonic disorder including cancer of the colon. However, current colonoscopy depends on doctor's skill strongly. Therefore, a large intestine endoscope which does not depend on the techniques of a doctor with high safety is required. In this research, we aim at development a novel large(More)
This paper shows a new design and prototyping method for a bending pneumatic rubber actuator and its application to a soft-bodied manta swimming robot. The design is based on optimal design using non-linear finite element method, in which geometrical and material non-linearity are considered and fabrication process is based on a rapid and efficient(More)
In recent years, many researchers have been focusing on the different novel techniques in designing pneumatic soft actuator that can produce bending motion. This paper presents a novel soft actuator design; a combination of different braided angles of artificial muscle applied on a single chamber soft actuator to produce bending motion. The actuator(More)
Problem statement: Communication and control are two main components in any Mechatronics system. They can be designed either by centralized or decentralized approach. Both approaches can be chosen based on application designed and specific requirements of the designer. In this study, decentralized or normally called distributed approach was selected to(More)
This report presents a study of stiffness, k<inf>s</inf> and viscous coefficient, c characteristic on a developed chair apparatus namely Pneumatic Actuated Seating System (PASS). The stiffness and viscous coefficient characteristics represents the spring and damping function respectively. These two characteristics are emulated from spring-damping model to(More)
A flexible microactuator (FMA) driven by an electro-pneumatic (or electro-hydraulic) system has been developed. The FMA has three degrees of freedom: pitch, yaw, and stretch; and these are suitable movements for miniature robotic mechanisms such as fingers, arms or legs. The construction is of fiber-reinforced rubber and the mechanism is very simple. Gentle(More)
A direct-drive stepping motor, based on a new principle is reported. The features of the motor is (1) big torque (4-20 times bigger than that of the same-sized conventional electric motors), (2) high stepping resolution, (3) light weight, and (4) simple structure. The motors are suitable for robots in new applications such as microrobots and human-care(More)
The aim of this study is to develop an intelligent McKibben actuator with an integrated soft displacement sensor inside, so that displacement of this actuator can be controlled without having any extra devices attached. In addition, the high compliance which is a positive feature of the McKibben actuator is still conserved. This paper consists of four main(More)