Koichi Suzumori

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A flexible microactuator (FMA) driven by an electro-pneumatic (or electro-hydraulic) system has been developed. The FMA has three degrees of freedom: pitch, yaw, and stretch; and these are suitable movements for miniature robotic mechanisms such as fingers, arms or legs. The construction is of fiber-reinforced rubber and the mechanism is very simple. Gentle(More)
This paper shows a new design and prototyping method for a bending pneumatic rubber actuator and its application to a soft-bodied manta swimming robot. The design is based on optimal design using non-linear finite element method, in which geometrical and material non-linearity are considered and fabrication process is based on a rapid and efficient(More)
In medical and biotechnology fields, soft devices are required because of their high safety from low mechanical impedance. FMA (Flexible Microactuator) is one of the typical soft actuators. It consists of fiber-reinforced rubber structure with multi air chambers and realizes bending motion pneumatically. It has been applied to robot hands, robot legs and so(More)
Inserting an endoscope into colon requires very technical procedure and it is difficult in some cases even for experienced doctors. Although active colonoscopes have been researched, these instruments are still in the development stage. Mechanisms for this application are required to be soft enough not to injure the colon wall and being deformable enough to(More)
Recently, the need of colonoscopy is increasing because of the rise of colonic disorder including cancer of the colon. However, current colonoscopy depends on doctor's skill strongly. Therefore, a large intestine endoscope which does not depend on the techniques of a doctor with high safety is required. In this research, we aim at development a novel large(More)
In recent years, many researchers have been focusing on the different novel techniques in designing pneumatic soft actuator that can produce bending motion. This paper presents a novel soft actuator design; a combination of different braided angles of artificial muscle applied on a single chamber soft actuator to produce bending motion. The actuator(More)
A new compact pneumatic cylinder with a micro position sensor, named intelligent pneumatic cylinder was developed. It consists of a piston rod with stripe codes and a micro optical MEMS encoder. The stripe codes were fabricated through a selective oxidization process by irradiating with a YAG laser. The cylinder realizes a compact pneumatic position servo(More)
A new pneumatic linear actuator made of a thin flexible rubber is developed for locomotion in narrow paces. The actuator is named "tetra chamber actuator". This new actuator has an ability of object transportation and locomotion. The actuator was designed based on non-linear FEM analysis considering geometrical and material nonlinearity, fabricated and(More)