Koichi Suga

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In today’s science-driven industries, such as the semiconductor industry, firms are increasingly engaged in across-firm research and development projects in the form of a research consortium or a strategic alliance. Those collaboration processes, however, have complex aspects due to the competing relationship of the firms in product markets and will not be(More)
Thermal and chemical stabilities of silver nanoplates (AgPLs), which are triangle plate-shaped silver nanoparticles, were improved by coating with titanium oxide. The titanium oxide layer prepared by a dip-coating method was certainly advantageous for the improvement of thermal stability. Furthermore, the overlayering of titanium oxide by a spray pyrolysis(More)
As the earth has been getting smaller and narrower with human activities, we should take seriously the size of the earth into account for considerations of social phenomena and societal problems. This requires us to rethink and reflect upon the very existence of human beings, societies, nations, and the entire world. It is an urgent task for us, social(More)
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