Koichi R. Katsumura

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We have analyzed publicly available K562 Hi-C data, which enable genome-wide unbiased capturing of chromatin interactions, using a Mixture Poisson Regression Model and a power-law decay background to define a highly specific set of interacting genomic regions. We integrated multiple ENCODE Consortium resources with the Hi-C data, using DNase-seq data and(More)
Numerous examples exist of how disrupting the actions of physiological regulators of blood cell development yields hematologic malignancies. The master regulator of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells GATA-2 was cloned almost 20 years ago, and elegant genetic analyses demonstrated its essential function to promote hematopoiesis. While certain GATA-2 target(More)
Since the highly conserved exosome complex mediates the degradation and processing of multiple classes of RNAs, it almost certainly controls diverse biological processes. How this post-transcriptional RNA-regulatory machine impacts cell fate decisions and differentiation is poorly understood. Previously, we demonstrated that exosome complex subunits confer(More)
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