Koichi Ninomiya

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We report herein the case of a 48-year-old Japanese woman in whom a pancreatic insulinoma was successfully treated by laparoscopic enucleation. The patient presented after developing episodic neurohypoglycemic symptoms, and an insulinoma in the pancreatic tail, 1.0 cm in diameter, was diagnosed by the results of biochemical and radiological examinations. A(More)
Portal hypertension predisposes gastric mucosato increased damage by noxious agents. Adaptivecytoprotection has not been studied in portalhypertensive gastric mucosa. We evaluated adaptivecytoprotection in the gastric mucosa of portal hypertensiverats by exposure to ethanol. The injury index (percentgross lesions) was significantly higher in(More)
We recently performed a laparoscopic cholecystectomy on three patients receiving preoperative oral anticoagulant therapy. The patients requiring anticoagulants for pre-existing cardiac conditions have the following risks at surgery: thromboembolism, hemorrhage, endocarditis, and cardiopulmonary dysfunction. In patients receiving anticoagulant therapy, one(More)
ACE inhibitor is known to have a therapeutic efficacy in renal diseases by reducing proteinuria and maintaining renal function. However, the relationship between ACE gene polymorphism and renal disease has not been fully elucidated. In this study, a 287 base pair(bp) I/D polymorphism of the ACE gene was examined with polymerase chain reaction(PCR) in 100(More)
We measured the portal circulatory hemodynamic parameters in 10 cirrhotic patients with portal hypertension and esophageal varices to determine the significance of esophageal variceal pressure. In 4 patients (group I), the temporary portal vein occlusion produced significant elevations in both the esophageal variceal pressure and the portal venous pressure.(More)
Epidemiological studies have elucidated that diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the risk factors of coronary heart disease and that DM often accompanies dyslipidemia. Dyslipidemia in DM can be classified as either quantitative or qualitative. Although dyslipdemia in DM is affected by the type of DM and glycemic conditions, the characteristics of dyslipidemia(More)
In Japanese, serum cholesterol levels have been increasing. This seems to be due to changes in life style, mainly the increase in dietary fat. Epidemiologic studies in the United States and Europe have shown that patients with hypercholesterolemia have a high risk of ischemic heart disease. Some guidelines for the management of hyperlipidemia have been(More)
According to our previous study, hyperinsulinism develops not before 10 years of age despite the presence of obesity but during the maturation years of 10-20. We aimed here at examining the growth-related islet B-cell change together with pituitary activity in non-familial juvenile obesity. Measurement of 24 h urine hormones was shown to be useful for(More)
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