Koichi Mizukami

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In this paper, we show that the Kleinman algorithm can be used well to solve the algebraic Riccati equation (ARE) of singularly perturbed systems, where the quadratic term of the ARE may be indeÿnite. The quadratic convergence property of the Kleinman algorithm is proved by using the Newton–Kantorovich theorem when the initial condition is chosen(More)
In this paper, a group differential game problem is formulated using the system model of multiparameter singularly perturbed systems (MSPS). The case that there exist two groups of players with a conflict interest in the game is considered, and the players in each group must make their own decisions by taking into account the group interest. A method is(More)
In this paper, Pareto optimal strategy for general multiparameter singularly perturbed systems is investigated. The main contribution is to propose a new computational method for obtaining the high–order Pareto near–optimal strategy. Newton's method and two fixed point algorithms are combined. As a result, the new iterative algorithm achieves the quadratic(More)
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