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Employing high-speed camera laser-scanning confocal microscopy with RBC-tracking software, we previously showed that RBC velocities in intraparenchymal capillaries of rat cerebral cortex are distributed over a wide range. In the present work, we measured RBC velocities in mice, whose body weights are less than one-tenth of that of rats. In an(More)
BACKGROUND Internet peer support groups for depression are becoming popular and could be affected by an increasing number of social network services (SNSs). However, little is known about participant characteristics, social relationships in SNSs, and the reasons for usage. In addition, the effects of SNS participation on people with depression are rather(More)
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is involved in the survival, development, and synaptic plasticity of neurons. BDNF is believed to be associated with the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders. Several studies have suggested the relevance of DNA methylation in its promoter region with depression. Here, we report different methylation statuses in(More)
BACKGROUND Recently socioeconomic status (SES) and job stress index received more attention to affect mental health. Folate intake has been implicated to have negative association with depression. However, few studies were published for the evidence association together with the consideration of SES and job stress factors. The current study is a part of the(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet is known to be used for health purposes by the general public all over the world. However, little is known about the use of, attitudes toward, and activities regarding eHealth among the Japanese population. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to measure the prevalence of Internet use for health-related information compared with other(More)
BACKGROUND The vitamin D receptor (VDR) is involved in a variety of biological processes, such as bone metabolism and modulation of the immune response. Recent findings suggest that the pathway involving bone mineral density-mediated effects is important for the development of periodontitis, but their effects of combined VDR gene polymorphisms have not been(More)
PURPOSE The local renin-angiotensin system (RAS) is present in the ciliary body and plays a role in regulating aqueous humor dynamics and thus intraocular pressure (IOP). The purpose of this study was to determine whether gene polymorphisms in the RAS increase the risk of development of glaucoma in the Japanese. METHODS A case-control study was performed(More)
The association of socioeconomic status (SES) with nutrients intakes attracts public attention worldwide. In the current study, we examined the associations of SES with dietary salt intake and health outcomes in general Japanese workers (2,266) who participated in this Japanese occupational cohort. SES was assessed by a self-administered questionnaire.(More)
Homocysteine is a risk factor for atherosclerosis, and the level of homocysteine in plasma is known to be strongly influenced by genetic factors-not only rare variants, but also common polymorphisms. This report describes a comprehensive postgenomic strategy for elucidating useful genetic information about homocysteine metabolism. The standard method for(More)
BACKGROUND Recent genetic studies have shown an association between the T-786C polymorphism in the endothelial NO synthase gene and coronary artery diseases, but any possible association with hypertension has been controversial. Other studies indicate the effect of restricting salt intake differ depending on individual salt-sensitivity, and the mixture of(More)