Koichi Kuroko

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We report on a patient with tuberous sclerosis complex and polycystic kidney disease who developed bilateral chromophobe cell renal carcinoma. We discuss the tuberous sclerosis complex, associated bilateral renal cell carcinoma, polycystic kidney disease and chromophobe cell renal carcinoma; a recently established subtype with a rather favorable prognosis.(More)
The main purpose of the study was to evaluate quality of life (QOL) among cancer patients using the WHOQOL-100 instrument and to see if any significant differences were seen in cancer stages, treatment status and prognosis. This study consisted of two parts; qualitative and quantitative. For the qualitative study, two focus groups were conducted by medical(More)
A case of an ileovesical fistula is reported. The patient was a 32-year-old female who suffered from spina bifida. She had had a urethral catheter indwelt at 13 years old for continuous incontinence caused by atrophic bladder. The patient noted lower abdominal discomfort and fecal urine at age 31 in January, 1989 and urination from anal appeared in March,(More)
Twelve patients underwent percutaneous nephrolithotomy in our hospital. Six of these patients had stone disintegration by electrohydraulic shock wave. The procedure was safe and effective for achieving rapid stone disintegration. Translocation of the stone fragments and central metal core of the probe left in the ureter were clinical problems. However, they(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to examine the status of undergraduate palliative care education among Japanese medical students using data from a survey conducted in 2015. METHODS A questionnaire was originally developed, and the survey forms were sent to universities. The study's objectives, methods, disclosure of results, and anonymity were explained to(More)
Herein we report a case of acute renal failure after renal trauma in a patient with contralateral hypoplastic kidney. The patient was treated conservatively including temporary hemodialysis successfully. In the case of renal trauma, the status and function of the contralateral kidney must be evaluated first, and in the case of a solitary kidney, treatment(More)
We evaluated fertility in fourteen patients after surgical repair of membranous urethral strictures associated with pelvic fractures. Eight patients were operated on using Badenoch's method (pull through) and six patients by end-to-end anastomosis of the urethra. All of them have maintained libido and potency after urethroplasty. No ejaculatory disturbance(More)