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The application range of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) is expanding along with performance upgrades. Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft has the merits of both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Tail-sitting is the simplest way for the VTOL maneuver since it does not need extra actuators. However, conventional hovering control for a(More)
This paper presents the vertical takeoff, landing and transition between level flight and hovering of a tailsitter vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aerial robot. The tail-sitter is suitable for micro aerial vehicles because it does not need any extra equipment for the VTOL maneuver. The developed tail-sitter aerial robot is equipped with four actuators(More)
Novel 316 L stainless steel (SS) foam with 85% porosity and an open pore diameter of 70-440 μm was developed for hard tissue application. The foam sheet with a 200-μm diameter had superior cell proliferation and penetration as identified through in vitro experiments. Calcification of human osteosarcoma cells in the SS foam was observed. Multi-layered foam(More)
WWW image retrieval systems can retrieve the corresponding images to the query keyword from WWW, however every system cannot retrieve suitable images with high precision. In this paper, a new WWW image retrieval system using the image knowledge database is proposed. This system can show more suitable images by filtering retrieval results of the conventional(More)
Automatic meta-data annotation of images region is essentially important for cross-media information retrieval between texts and images. In this paper, we propose an automatic meta-data annotation of images region. We apply and discuss Gaussian mixture models for this problem. The annotation meta-data of each region is prepared from top 5 of the log(More)
Even if a speaker uses a speaker-dependent speech recognition system, speech recognition performance varies. However, the relationships between intra-speaker's speech variability and speech recognition performance are not clear. To investigate these relationships, we have been collecting speech data since November 2002. In this paper, we analyze the(More)
We collect the speech data for investigating an intra-speakers' speech variability over a short and long time. In general, to reduce the load of speakers, the speech data are collected as one file from collecting start to collecting end. Hence, there are some noises, non-speech sections and mistaken sections in this file. Consequently, we must segment this(More)
In this paper, we describe a Japanese speech corpus collected for investigating the speech variability of a specific speaker over short and long time periods. Although speakers use a speaker-dependent speech recognition system, it is known that speech recognition performance varies pending when the utterance was uttered. This is because speech varies even(More)
Even if a speaker uses a speaker-dependent speech recognition system, speech recognition performance varies. For this reason, speech quality is varied by some factors, including emotion, background noise, and so on, even though the speaker and utterance remain constant. However, the relationships between intra-speaker's speech variability and speech(More)
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