Koichi Ishii

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OBJECTIVE Most patients with schizophrenia first start with a single antipsychotic, and yet most finally end up 'switching' or using 'polypharmacy'. The objective of this study was to examine the evolution of antipsychotic switch and polypharmacy in the real-world from a longitudinal perspective. METHODS A systematic review of longitudinal antipsychotic(More)
We previously demonstrated that safflower seed extract (SSE) and its major antioxidant constituents, serotonin hydroxycinnamic acid amides, suppressed LDL oxidation in vitro, decreased plasma autoantibody titres to oxidized LDL and attenuated atherosclerotic lesion formation in apoE-deficient mice. In this report, we examined whether SSE, rich in serotonin(More)
The ethyl acetate (EtOAc)-soluble fraction of a methanol extract of Angelica keiskei roots exhibited cytotoxic activity against 4 human tumor cell lines, HL60 (leukemia), CRL1579 (melanoma), A549 (lung), and AZ521 (stomach). Nine chalcones (1-9), 5 coumarins (10-14), and 4 flavanones (15-18), isolated from the EtOAc-soluble fraction, were examined for their(More)
SUMMARY We have analyzed the dominant noise sources in the driving circuit of an uncooled infrared radiation focal plane array fabricated on a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate by 0.35 μm CMOS technology and bulk-micromachining. We found no noise property of SOI-MOSFET inferior compared to those of NMOSs formed on SOI and bulk substrate, respectively. In(More)
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