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In this paper, we present experimental results of frequency scaling and transducer optimization in internal dielectrically transduced silicon bar resonators. We show that selective positioning of the dielectric transducers inside the resonator can preferentially excite targeted harmonics while suppressing undesired modes. Furthermore, measurements across(More)
— This paper presents a study of mechanical coupling in 2D resonator arrays for filter applications. A robust coupling design for 2D array filters, comprised of weak coupling in one dimension and strong coupling in the second, is demonstrated experimentally and compared with weakly coupled and electrically summed 2D resonator array filters. Effects of(More)
Tetrodotoxin (TTX) was intramuscularly administered to artificially hybridized specimens of the pufferfish Takifugu rubripes and Takifugu niphobles to investigate toxin accumulation in hybrids, and TTX transfer/accumulation profiles in the pufferfish body. In the test fish administered 146 MU TTX in physiologic saline, TTX rapidly transferred from the(More)
To reveal the accumulation profile of tetrodotoxin (TTX) in pufferfish Takifugu rubripes juveniles, we compared the localization of TTX in various tissues among wild juveniles and hatchery-reared juveniles with or without TTX administration using immunohistochemical technique with anti-TTX monoclonal antibody. Immuno-positive reaction was observed in(More)
As concern for Japan's aging population and shrinking workforce continues to mount, many researchers are focusing on nursing and healthcare-related robots to help ease the burden on society. In order to successfully integrate robots into the home environment to coexist with family members, three features are considered essential: safe interaction, a compact(More)
Mushroom bodies (MBs) in Protophormia terraenovae were ablated by hydroxyurea (HU) treatment to larvae just after hatching in order to examine roles of the MBs in olfactory learning and photoperiodism. In all individuals the structures of the alpha, beta, and gamma lobes, the pedunculi, and the calyces of the MB were not found after HU treatment. The other(More)
Most animals advertise their unprofitability to potential predators via conspicuous signals. Whether the strength of this aposematic signal indicates the quality and quantity of chemical defenses in animals is controversial. Here, we investigated the relationship between the conspicuousness of an aposematic signal and toxicity, which likely depends, at(More)
Sika deer (Cervus nippon) cause serious damage to trees in Japanese forests. Browsing, bark stripping, and tree abrasion with antlers account for 50% of total wildlife damage over the past decade. The extent of forest damage depends on deer population density. We determined the spatial distribution of sika deer population density on Mt. Hiko (Fukuoka(More)
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