Koichi Hadama

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This paper describes the design, fabrication and characterization of a novel, low-voltage-actuated MEMS tilting mirror array with high fill factor (91%). The movable ladder-shaped electrode is placed apart from the rotation axis to increase a rotational torque. The balancer and H-shaped hinge were employed to ensure the good anti-vibration performance. The(More)
For CWDM applications, we have developed a new compact low-cost optical module that has four different colored 10-Gbit/s transmission channels and a total throughput of 40-Gbit/s. The target applications of the module are the links between network nodes, such as routers that handles 40-Gbit/s traffic, and access networks using the WDM-PON system. 40-Gbit/s(More)
This paper describes a low-cost thin-film filters (TFF) multiplexing/demultiplexing (MUX/DEMUX) module based on high-precision injection molding. We have developed two technologies to markedly reduce the cost of the module: (1) an optical system that uses concave micromirrors to loosen the alignment tolerance of the parts, and (2) an injection-molded block(More)
We describe an immersion grating (IG) with both low polarization-dependent loss (PDL) and high diffraction efficiency. Our immersion grating consists of a silicon (Si) prism and a Si grating coated with dielectric film. We analyze the effect of the refractive index of dielectric film and clarify the refractive index ratio between a Si grating and dielectric(More)
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