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Recently, power consumption of server computers is one of the most important topics. Although DVS (Dynamic Voltage Scaling) can reduce power consumption, this method is only used at idle time or low load computation time, generally. In this paper, we propose a task scheduling algorithm for reducing power consumption especially at high load computation time.(More)
In this paper, we propose a task duplication based scheduling algorithm for avoiding useless duplication. In our algorithm, task duplication is divided into two phases: a task fill phase and a task duplication phase. In the task fill phase, tasks are duplicated and allocated to idle time slots in used processors. Namely, the task fill phase does not require(More)
Various origami works are published as origami drill books in which a sequence of folding operations with simple diagrams is described. However, the book readers often give up following the instruction of the book halfway because it is too difficult to understand a way to fold in accordance with the diagrams. Therefore, we have developed an operational(More)
In development of inter-vehicles communication (IVC) systems, simulation technologies are very essential to verify the correctness of protocols. We focus on a model of radio wave propagation for IVC simulation systems and approximate the model. As a land mobile communication model, we adopt Kaji model. In our model, a distance between vehicles, a building(More)
In this paper, we describe the structure of C par-allelizing compiler based on the functional paral-lelism. For generating coarse grain processes, the function-oriented division strategy is adapted in our compiler. In our process generation method, a function written in the program is a unit of coarse grain distributed processes. Our compiler is constructed(More)
This paper proposes an execution order control method of coarse grain distributed processes for parallelizing compiler on distributed computer environment. Currently proposed execution order control algorithms are designed for the basic-block-oriented distributed processes. However , we adopted an process generation algorithm based on function-oriented(More)