Kohtarou Nagase

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Regional lymph node involvement by a cellular blue nevus has been reported. However, it has recently been suggested that specific cases with "benign metastasizing" cellular blue nevi are actually rare. This study describes a typical case of a cellular blue nevus with nevus cells in a sentinel lymph node. We demonstrated that a cellular blue nevus clearly(More)
We reexamined 11 cases of trichoblastoma, and two cases of trichoblastoma with basal cell carcinoma (BCC)-like foci were found. In these two trichoblastomas with BCC-like foci, the BCC-like foci were often localized in peripheral or deep areas of lesions extending out of the fibrocytic stroma. Immunohistochemistry was performed in five conventional(More)
BACKGROUND Merkel cells (MCs) exist in the epidermal basal layer, in contact with keratinocytes. This direct contact seems critical for maintaining MCs in vitro. OBJECTIVES To estimate the effects of nerve cells on the maintenance of MCs within epidermal sheets in a new organotypic culture system of MCs. METHODS We developed a new organotypic culture(More)
The coverage rates of six vaccines (BCG, polio, DPT, measles, mumps and varicella) and the prevalence of these diseases in Japan were investigated. It was found that 82.2% of children had been inoculated with BCG before their first birthday, and 85.4% were given two doses of polio vaccine before their second birthday. The high acceptance rates of these(More)
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