Kohtaro Ohba

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This paper describes a method for recognizing partially occluded objects for bin-picking tasks using eigenspace analysis, referred to as the “eigen window” method, that stores multiple partial appearances of an object in an eigenspace. Such partial appearances require a large amount of memory space. Three measurements, detectability, uniqueness, and(More)
The Intelligent Systems Laboratory (ISL) has been developing coordinated control technologies for multitelerobot collaboration in a common environment remotely controlled from multiple operators physically at a distance from each other. We have built a test bed and conducted a series of experiments, where we learned more about how the transmission delay(More)
In this paper, a high-speed digital processed microscopic observational system for telemicrooperation is proposed with a dynamic focusing system and a high-speed digital-processing system using the “depth from focus” criterion. In our previous work [10], we proposed a system that could simultaneously obtain an “all-in-focus image” as well as the “depth” of(More)
In this paper, the facial expression communication is mainly focused to achieve the smooth telecommunications. The gesture and facial expressions has been considered as signi cant factors in telecommunications, such as tele-services. To realize the real time communication system on facial expression, we proposed the facial expression space (FES) and a(More)