Kohta Toshimitsu

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Colorectal tumor is a heterogeneous disease, with varying clinical presentation and prognosis in patients. To establish a platform encompassing this diversity, we generated 55 colorectal tumor organoid lines from a range of histological subtypes and clinical stages, including rare subtypes. Each line was defined by gene expression signatures and optimized(More)
Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) has emerged as a common cause of chronic liver disease and virus-independent hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in patients with obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. To reveal the molecular mechanism underlying hepatocarcinogenesis from NASH, microRNA (miRNA) expression profiles were analyzed in STAM mice, a NASH-HCC(More)
Recent studies have proposed that the major anti-tumor effect of DNA methylation inhibitors is induction of interferon-responsive genes via dsRNAs-containing endogenous retroviruses. Recently, a 3D culture system for stem cells known as organoid culture has been developed. Lgr5-positive stem cells form organoids that closely recapitulate the properties of(More)
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