Kohshi Nagano

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BACKGROUND Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia of the liver is an extremely rare entity, with six cases reported so far. METHODS We encountered a 47-year-old Japanese female with reactive lymphoid hyperplasia of the liver, which coexisted with chronic thyroiditis. The lesion was discovered incidentally as a hypo-echoic mass with a hyper-echoic rim at a routine(More)
Although simple cysts, cystadenoma and cystadenocarcinoma of the liver have been well documented as hepatic cystic diseases, cystic hepatocellular carcinoma is a curious entity. Only 3 cases have been reported in the English literature. A 70-year-old man was admitted to Nagoya University Hospital for multiple liver tumors and a thrombus in the main trunk of(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery is often required in cases of spontaneous pneumothorax. This situation can pose considerable difficulty with correct preoperative estimate of pulmonary function. Simple indications for surgery are mandatory, especially in aged patients. METHODS To examine the indications and safety of surgery in patients over 50 years, 23 operations in(More)
The rate of infection with TT virus (TTV), a novel single-strand DNA virus was evaluated and the clinical and laboratory features in affected Japanese medical workers were analysed. TTV DNA was measured in 356 medical workers and in 150 age-matched controls using a seminested polymerase chain reaction. TTV DNA was detected in 62 of 356 medical workers(More)
BACKGROUND Patent ductus venosus is extremely rare with only 14 cases reported in the world literature. We present a case of patent ductus venosus. METHODS AND RESULTS A 29-year-old male was admitted with melaena stool caused by gastric haemorrhagic ulcers. Laboratory data disclosed severe anaemia; however, liver function tests were normal. Serum ammonia(More)