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<i>KinecDrone</i> enhances our somatic sensation to fly in the sky with <i>Kinect</i> and <i>AR.Drone</i>. A Video stream captured in <i>AR.Drone</i> is transmited to a user's head mounted display. While a user behaves like flying in the sky in a room, he/she can watch the scene captured by flying AR.Drone. Thus, the user feels that he/she is really flying(More)
Cyber-physical smart city integration of digitalcomponents into the real world will offer a variety of possibilitiesto enrich our daily life. A digital-physical hybrid world makes itpossible to optimize our energy use and to offer morecomfortable traffic management. However, we still need to investigate how to interact with a hybrid world. Augmentedreality(More)
Everyday, we receive large amounts of information through our various senses. Since the majority of information is perceived through eye sight, other senses are often left unutilized. As a result, in order to utilize disengaged senses in our daily interactions, especially auditory, we propose a method to extract and transform real-world's visual information(More)
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