Kohki Ikeuchi

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In the sustainable ITS project at the Center for Collaborative Research, the University of Tokyo, an experiment platform is developed for drivers' characteristics analysis on the moving-based driving simulator. In the upper-level microscopic car traffic flow simulator, a prototype driver model and vehicle dynamics model are developed with flexibility in the(More)
Car-following modelling in traffic flow theory has been becoming of increasing importance in traffic engineering and Intelligent Transport System(ITS), the point of concentration in this research field is how to analysis and measurement of driver cognitive behaviour. Based on qualitative description of driving behaviour with the new concept of driver's(More)
<i>KinecDrone</i> enhances our somatic sensation to fly in the sky with <i>Kinect</i> and <i>AR.Drone</i>. A Video stream captured in <i>AR.Drone</i> is transmited to a user's head mounted display. While a user behaves like flying in the sky in a room, he/she can watch the scene captured by flying AR.Drone. Thus, the user feels that he/she is really flying(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient and effective image generation system for "mixed reality traffic experiment space", an enhanced driving/traffic simulation system, which we have been developing for sustainable ITS project at the University of Tokyo. Conventional driving simulators represent their view by a set of polygon-based objects, which leads to(More)
Cyber-physical smart city integration of digitalcomponents into the real world will offer a variety of possibilitiesto enrich our daily life. A digital-physical hybrid world makes itpossible to optimize our energy use and to offer morecomfortable traffic management. However, we still need to investigate how to interact with a hybrid world. Augmentedreality(More)
In this paper, we show the outline of our research on interactive traffic environment, under which we are developing mixed reality traffic experiment space. In order to develop sophisticated ITS applications, it is very important to analyze human factor, but there is few method to obtain human factor, thus, we have decided to create interactive traffic(More)
It is important to assess street-parked vehicles causing traffic problems in urban areas. However, it is performed manually and at high cost. It is a top priority for reducing cost, to develop a detection system of those vehicles. We propose a detection method using a line-scan camera mounted on probe vehicles. The method is based on two kinds of(More)
Everyday, we receive large amounts of information through our various senses. Since the majority of information is perceived through eye sight, other senses are often left unutilized. As a result, in order to utilize disengaged senses in our daily interactions, especially auditory, we propose a method to extract and transform real-world's visual information(More)
It is important to assess street-parking vehicles causing traffic problems in urban cities, however, it is performed manually and at a high cost. It is a top priority for reducing costs, to develop a detection system of those vehicles. We introduce a panoramic street-image, combined with view- and range- images. Panoramic street-image possibly provides(More)
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