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Foreseeing the era of high spatial resolution measurements of the Sunyaev–Zel'dovich effect (SZE) in clusters of galaxies, we present a prototype analysis of this sort combined with Chandra X-ray data. It is applied specifically to RX J1347–1145 at z = 0.451, the most X-ray-luminous galaxy cluster known, for which the highest resolution SZE and X-ray images(More)
We report on mapping observations toward the region of the most luminous X-ray cluster RX J1347{ 1145 (z = 0:45) through the Sunyaev{Zel'dovich eeect at 21 GHz and 150 GHz with the Nobeyama 45-m telescope. While a low angular resolution image at 21 GHz (beam-size FWHM of 76 00) shows a consistent feature with the ROSAT/HRI X-ray image, a higher angular(More)
We present Particle–Particle–Particle–Mesh (PPPM) and Tree Particle–Mesh (TreePM) implementations on GRAPE-5 and GRAPE-6A systems, special-purpose hardware accelerators for gravitational many-body simulations. In our PPPM and TreePM implementations on GRAPE, the computational time is significantly reduced compared with the conventional implementations(More)
Interferograms obtained with ordinary interferometers, such as the Fizeau interferometer or the Twyman-Green interferometer, show the contour maps of a wave front under test. On the other hand, lateral shearing interferograms show the difference between a wave front under test and a sheared wave front, that is, the inclination of the wave front. Therefore(More)
We study the angular momentum profiles both for dark matter and for gas within virialized halos, using a statistical sample of halos drawn from cosmologi-cal hydrodynamics simulations. Three simulations have been analyzed, one is the " non-radiative " simulation, and the other two have radiative cooling. We find that the gas component on average has a(More)
Most of cosmic baryons predicted by the big-bang nucleosynthesis has evaded the direct detection. Recent numerical simulations indicate that approximately 30 to 50 percent of the total baryons in the present universe is supposed to take a form of warm/hot intergalactic medium (WHIM) whose X-ray continuum emission is very weak. To identify those missing(More)
We perform an extensive analysis of nonlinear and stochastic biasing of galaxies and dark halos in spatially flat low-density CDM universe (Ω 0 = 0.3, λ 0 = 0.7, h = 0.7, and σ 8 = 1) using cosmological hydrodynamic simulations. We identify galaxies by linking cold and dense gas particles which satisfy the Jeans criterion. We compare their biasing(More)
Recently reported infrared (IR) galaxy number counts and cosmic infrared background (CIRB) all suggest that galaxies have experienced a strong evolution sometime in their lifetime. We statistically estimate the galaxy evolution history from these data. The evolution of galaxy luminosity is treated as a nonparametric stepwise function, in order to explore(More)
This paper examines how accounting is implicated in strategizing practices at a financial institution. We investigate micro processes of strategizing in which proclaimed abstract concepts in the formally disclosed middle range plan are given concreted shape through everyday practices at local divisions, and examine the way in which accounting plays in the(More)