Kohji Kamejima

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An adaptive sampling scheme is presented for discrete representation of complex patterns in noisy imagery. In this paper, patterns to be observed are assumed to be generated as fractal attractors associated with a fixed set of unknown contraction map-pings. To maintain geometric complexity, the brightness distribution of self-similar patterns are counted on(More)
A prototype advanced robot for remote or automatic maintenance and inspection of nuclear power plant facilities has been developed by the 'Advanced Robot Technology' promoted by the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology. This paper deals with the prototype advanced robot and results of the experiments executed in a verification test facility. The(More)
A new framework is presented for saliency based analysis of naturally complex scenes. In this framework, the fluctuation of local scale shift and the diversity of subtle chromatic scattering are extracted as the environmental saliency: viewer specific visualization of sign patterns to be associated with landmark objects. Being guided by the probability(More)
A stochastic-computational scheme is presented for generating as-is graph structure spanning complex local geographics. In this schematics, GPS tracks uploaded by a multitude of probe vehicles are exploited to expand a network of feasible roadway patterns. By associating the GPS tracks with a multitude of Brownian motions conditioned by landmark allocation,(More)
A saliency-based approach is presented for object detection in naturally complex scenes. By regenerating the chromatic diversity in a probabilistic color space, the distribution of saliency colors is extracted as the viewer specific visualization of landmark objects. The saliency distribution is articulated into a system of fractal attractors spanning(More)