Kohichiroh Gotoh

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A 53-year-old male presented with a rare dorsally sequestrated thoracic disc herniation manifesting as acute low back pain and weakness. He had no history of trauma. Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging demonstrated a mass at T10-11 intervertebral level connected with the T-10 disc. Axial MR imaging showed the mass had surrounded and compressed the dural sac(More)
  • K Gotoh
  • Japanese circulation journal
  • 1976
The conduction system of seven cases died of the so-called "Pokkuri disease", was histopathologically studied with serial sectioning method. Fibrosis with a significant reduction of conduction fibers was observed in the sinoartrial node and junction between the node and atrial muscle fibers in 6 cases. Abnormal course and branching of the sinus node artery(More)
Damage to the paraspinal muscle after various lumbar back surgery procedures was evaluated by measuring the paraspinal muscle thickness preoperatively and postoperatively in 89 patients, 61 males and 28 females. There were 42 single interlaminar level procedures (SL group), 13 multiple interlaminar level procedures (ML group), and 34 posterolateral fusion(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the urodynamic characteristics of neobladders, we conducted a pressure-flow study in patients with orthotopic urinary reservoirs. PATIENTS AND METHODS From 1986 to 1996, 90 patients underwent bladder replacement following cystectomy, using a right colonic, ileocolic, ileal, or sigmoid colonic segment. The subjects were 38 patients (31(More)
The visual outcome in 308 patients treated for retinal vessel obstruction was examined retrospectively and the effectiveness of each treatment was evaluated using stepwise multiple linear regression analysis and the chi-square test. Visual acuity was used as the parameter for assessing treatment effectiveness and the variables investigated included(More)
BACKGROUND A male patient with a solitary kidney and contracted bladder due to urinary tuberculosis presented ureteral obstruction caused by primary lower ureteral cancer. METHODS Distal ureterectomy and urinary tract reconstruction consisting of ileal bladder augmentation and ileal ureter replacement with an antireflux procedure was performed. (More)
Following results were obtained from intravenous single administration of cefotaxime 2 g by measuring its levels in uterine arterial blood, elbow venous blood, ovary, oviduct, several sites in uterine tissue, and in the fluid excreted in the dead space formed by radical hysterectomy. (1) Uterine artery and elbow vein blood levels revealed marked increase(More)
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