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In eye-gaze interface systems, users' head movements during use result in detection errors. This problem causes inaccurate positioning of the mouse pointer on the display screen. A mechanism that allows the user to recognize the home position, which is an appropriate position for the head while using an eye-gaze interface system, can provide a useful(More)
This paper describes an effective application of a vocal tract mapping interface to signal conversion. The vocal tract mapping interface is a kind of vocal tract shape generator that provides users with easy and effective setting of the vocal tract shape with a simple mouse click on its interface window. Utilizing a one-click operation to generate the vocal(More)
The authors have developed a speech synthesis system based on articulation in order to study relationships between the human vocal tract shapes and speech signals. The articulatory speech synthesizer proposed by Sondhi and Schroeter is used to produce speech sounds in the system. By using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) technique, the system can provide(More)