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A series of 4(6)-(benzyloxy)-2,6(4)-diamino-5-(nitro or nitroso)pyrimidine derivatives and analogues of which 4(6)-benzyloxy groups were replaced with a (2-, 3-, or 4-fluorobenzyl)oxy or (2-, 3-, or(More)
Protein nitration at tyrosine residues proceeds to form 3-nitrotyrosine; this product is today used as a biomarker of nitrative stress. We have developed an efficient method with which to identify(More)
A series of N-alkyl-, N-hydroxyalkyl-, N-haloalkyl- and N-carboxyalkyl-N-nitrosoureas and some related derivatives were tested for mutagenicity in E. coli B (Arg-) H/r30R (wild-type) and its isogenic(More)