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This paper proposes a systematic approach to derive feature models required in a software product line development. In our approach, we use goal graphs constructed by goal-oriented requirements analysis. We merge multiple goal graphs into a graph, and then regarding the leaves of the merged graph as the candidates of features, identify their commonality and(More)
Various non-viral delivery systems for small interfering RNAs (siRNA) have been developed. Such delivery systems generally exhibit tightly formed spherical structures. While such carriers have demonstrated good transfection activity in mono-layered cell systems, effects against solid tumors are often less apparent and difficult to demonstrate, likely due to(More)
The visual orienting behaviour towards prey in the free-moving mantis was investigated with a high-speed camera. The orienting behaviour consisted of head, prothorax, and abdomen rotations. Coordinated movements of these body parts in the horizontal plane were analysed frame-by-frame. Rotations of these body parts were initiated with no or slight (≤40 ms)(More)
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