Kohei Tsuzuki

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Protein-protein interactions play key roles in protein function and the structural organization of a cell. A thorough description of these interactions should facilitate elucidation of cellular activities, targeted-drug design, and whole cell engineering. A large-scale comprehensive pull-down assay was performed using a His-tagged Escherichia coli ORF clone(More)
Three triterpenoids, 8alpha-hydroxyfernan-25,7beta-olide, 3alpha-hydroxy-4alpha-methoxyfilicane and 19alpha-hydroxyferna-7,9(11)-diene were isolated from the fresh fronds of Adiantum caudatum. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic techniques. Thirteen known triterpenoids were also identified from this fern.
To tailor functional nanomaterials, the co-assembly of self-assembling dyes in a homogeneous way would be a promising approach because the electronic properties can be tuned by the mixing ratio. Although porphyrins are important supramolecular building blocks with unique optical properties, a homogeneously mixed J-aggregate system of porphyrins has not been(More)
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