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Reports have suggested that the two Notch ligands, Dll1 and Dll4, are indispensable to maintain the homeostasis of the intestinal epithelium. However, within the intestinal epithelium, the precise distribution of the cells that express those ligands at the protein level remains largely unknown. Here, we show a series of immunohistochemical analysis through(More)
The data on the immunohistochemical analysis of conditional Notch ligand knockout mice is presented. Targeted deletion of Jag1, Dll1, Dll4, or Dll1 plus Dll4 in Lgr5+ve cells was induced by a Cre-mediated gene recombination, and differentiation or proliferation of the intestinal epithelial cells was examined by immunohistochemistry. These data are the(More)
Intestinal epithelial cells (IECs) play an indispensable role in maintaining body fluid balance partly through their ability to regulate anion/fluid secretion. Yet in various inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases, over-secretion of anions results in symptoms such as severe diarrhoea. Endogenous mediators, such as vasoactive intestinal peptide or(More)
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