Kohei Omachi

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A total of 3,041 students and staff in middle school in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, were surveyed regarding dental fear. Over 88% reported fear, with 42.1% classified as having high fear. Almost 70% reported acquiring dental fear prior to junior high school. A majority reported being hurt at the last appointment. Delay of dental work was also reported for(More)
Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1), an NAD(+)-dependent histone deacetylase, plays crucial roles in various biological processes including longevity, stress response, and cell survival. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress is caused by dysfunction of ER homeostasis and exacerbates various diseases including diabetes, fatty liver, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.(More)
Alport syndrome (AS) is one of the most common types of inherited nephritis caused by mutation in one of the glomerular basement membrane components. AS is characterized by proteinuria at early stage of the disease and glomerular hyperplastic phenotype and renal fibrosis at late stage. Here, we show that global deficiency of tumor suppressor p53(More)
We conducted a behavioral scientific research from the point of view of dental fear prevention. This time, the writers carried out the surveys with the goal of understanding and making clear the realities concerning dental anxiety in the four countries: Japan, Indonesia, Brazil and Argentina. The subjects were 728 dental students from the four countries,(More)
Exogenous low-intensity electrical stimulation has been used for treatment of various intractable diseases despite the dearth of information on the molecular underpinnings of its effects. Our work and that of others have demonstrated that applied electrical stimulation at physiological strength or mild electrical stimulation (MES) activates the PI3K-Akt(More)
Alport syndrome (AS) is a hereditary kidney disease caused by mutation of type IV collagen. Loss of collagen network induces collapse of glomerular basement membrane (GBM) structure. The previous studies showed that upregulation of some tyrosine kinase receptors signaling accompanied GBM disorder in AS mouse model. EGFR signaling is one of the well-known(More)