Kohei Okamoto

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We developed a method to analyze sketch maps by GIS, and applied it to an actual case study. We found that analysis using buffer operation was more effective for sketch map analyses than other methods, such as the entire road length method and area method. After modeling the buffer method, an experimental study of the micro-genetic cognitive process was(More)
This paper describes the apatite deposition of chitosan-silicate porous hybrids derived from chitosan and γ-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (GPTMS) in alkaline phosphate solution. The preparation of porous hybrids with needle-like apatite on their surfaces is described. Following apatite deposition the porous hybrids maintained high porosity. The enzymatic(More)
We examined the effects of predator-prey distance (PPD) and trajectory of the predator on the body patterns that the pharaoh cuttlefish, Sepia pharaonis, shows in response to a predator. A model predator moving in three different trajectories was presented to the cuttlefish: T1, approached the cuttlefish but bypassed above; T2, approached directly toward(More)
A man aged in his 60′s was admitted to Kobe Rosai Hospital, Kobe, Japan, because of impaired consciousness. One week before admission, he manifested erythema on his trunk and extremities that was associated neither with fever nor with flulike symptoms. Thirst and nausea developed within a few days of erythema onset. Whereas the erythema disappeared(More)
A multilingual disaster information system (MLDI) has been developed to overcome the language barrier during times of natural disaster. MLDI is a web-based system that includes templates in nine languages so that translated texts can be made available immediately. Mobile phone e-mail with graphic text is a useful tool for delivering multilingual disaster(More)
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