Kohei Ohtsu

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In ship's berthing at a harbor, ship operator is required to derive the maximum maneuverability from the ship. The minimum time berthing method is one of the rational and effective maneuvering methods for such tedious problems. In this paper, development of automatic minimum time berthing control system is described. And, effectiveness of the system is(More)
In recent years, serious problems have arisen in coastal shipping along in Japan, because lack of expert sailors and the successors have gone on the increase year by year. Since such state of harbor operations has required immediately improving the technology of operation, authors proposed a solution to contribute to the development of the coastal shipping(More)
In this paper a feasible ship's minimum-time maneuvering system is proposed. The proposed control system is mainly composed of a neural network based optimal solution generator and a non-linear model based super real-time simulator. In order to investigate the effectiveness of the proposed method, computer simulations and actual sea tests are carried out(More)
For actualization of ship tracking control along a desired path with constant velocity, a statistical modeling method is proposed to represent the tracking dynamic behavior of ship. Firstly, a SISO RBF-ARX model is built for characterizing ship motion between heading angle deviation and rudder angle of ship. To represent ship motion's nonlinearity, rolling(More)
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