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To realize the provision of secure Android applications, this paper proposes an application development and management system, or ADMS for short, that is operated and maintained by application developers and the market manager. ADMS requires (i) Android OS to be equipped with a "security manager", (ii) all application developers to embed a code for event(More)
Recently, keystroke logger is becoming a major security issue. Keystroke logger is a malware that steels user's keyboard input without his or her informed consent. Keyboard input related Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are commonly used by keystroke logger software to illegally record users' keystrokes. This paper proposes a security scheme to(More)
Recently, the damage of billing fraud has been increasing, in which a fraudster asks a victim by telephone to pay money into the fraudster's bank account. So far, although several measures against billing fraud have been proposed, their usability and detection accuracies are still insufficient. Moreover, most of the measures will only work during(More)
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