Kohei Muratani

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The chromosomal DNA segment of human B cell stimulatory factor-2 (BSF-2/IL-6) was isolated and characterized by nucleotide sequence analysis. The human BSF-2/IL-6 gene consists of five exons and four introns and its organization shows a distinctive similarity to granulocyte colony-stimulating factor gene. The two genes have the same number of exons and(More)
Watermarking is to embed a structure called a watermark into the target data such as images. The watermark can be used, for example, in order to secure the copyright and detect tampering. This paper presents a new robust watermarking method that adds a watermark into a 3D polygonal mesh in the spectral domain. In this algorithm, a shape of a 3D polygonal(More)
A 64-year-old man was admitted to our hospital because of possible liver cirrhosis. His serum cholinesterase was anomalously low with a delta pH of 0.1 (normal range; 0.8-1.1). His enzyme was more heat-labile than the normal controls. Km value of his enzyme for benzoylcholine was 1.1 x 10(-5) mol/l, while that for normal controls was 2.3 x 10(-6) mol/l. In(More)
The human cholinesterase (ChE) gene from a patient with acholinesterasemia was cloned and analyzed. By using ChE cDNA as a probe, four independent clones were isolated from a genomic library constructed from the patient's DNA. Sequencing analysis of all of the four clones revealed that exon 2 of the ChE gene was disrupted by a 342-base-pair (bp) insertion(More)
One of two main FL-amnion cell alkaline phosphatase (AP), the fast migrating one (FL-APF) has been reported to be identical to Kasahara isoenzyme (K.I.), which occurs preferentially in sera of patients with primary hepatoma. We purified FL-APF of which the apparent molecular weight was 135,000 by gel filtration, and that of the subunit was 62,000 on(More)
Asparagine-linked oligosaccharides were quantitatively released by hydrazinolysis from an alkaline phosphatase, Kasahara isozyme, which was purified from FL amnion cells. Almost all of the oligosaccharides (98%) were acidic components, all of which can be converted to neutral oligosaccharides upon sialidase digestion. Structural analysis of the(More)
People with genetic variants of cholinesterase (ChE) have been reported to have prolonged apnea with the use of myorelaxant succinylcholine. For the silent type variant ChE, two cases of mutation have been reported. In one case, the exon 2 of ChE gene was disrupted by a 342 bp insertion of Alu element. In the other case, a frame shift mutation was(More)
FL-amnion cells have mainly two alkaline phosphatase (AP) isozymes, of which the faster migrating one (FL-APF) on 5% polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis has proved to be identical to the Kasahara isozyme, a tumor-associated AP of intestinal type. But the other slower migrating one (FL-APs) remains to be characterized. Immunological and enzymic examination of(More)