Kohei Mizutani

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A coherent 2 microm differential absorption and wind lidar (Co2DiaWiL) was developed to measure CO(2) concentration and line-of-sight wind speed. We conductively cooled a pumping laser head to -80 degrees C and diode arrays to approximately 20 degrees C. A Q-switched laser outputs an energy of 80 mJ (pulse width 150 ns (FWHM), pulse repetition frequency up(More)
We selected a reduced-pathogenicity mutant of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici, a tomato wilt pathogen, from the transformants generated by restriction enzyme-mediated integration (REMI) transformation. The gene tagged with the plasmid in the mutant was predicted to encode a protein of 321 amino acids and was designated FPD1. Homology search showed its(More)
An uncooled microbolometer-array thermal infrared camera has been incorporated into a remote sensing system for radiometric sky imaging. The radiometric calibration is validated and improved through direct comparison with spectrally integrated data from the Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI). With the improved calibration, the Infrared Cloud(More)
Zearalenone (ZON) is a mycotoxin with estrogenic activity, produced by members of Fusarium species, and is found worldwide in a number of cereal crops. It is known to have four active metabolites (α-zearalenol (α-ZOL), β-zearalenol (β-ZOL), α-zearalanol (α-ZAL), and β-zearalanol (β-ZAL)). A highly sensitive analytical method using liquid(More)
The meteorological control of gravity wave activity through filtering by winds and generation by spontaneous adjustment of unbalanced flows is investigated. This investigation is based on a new analysis of Rayleigh LiDAR measurements of gravity wave activity in the upper stratosphere-lower mesosphere (USLM, 40–50 km) on 152 nights at Poker Flat Research(More)
A new chlorinated cyclic pentapeptide, hydroxycyclochlorotine (1), has been isolated from Penicillium islandicum, and the structure including absolute stereochemistry of 1 and conformational properties of 1 and cyclochlorotine (2) in DMSO-d6 were elucidated by using extensive 2D NMR and chemical means. Hydroxycyclochlorotine (1) and astin B (3) from Aster(More)
Q-switched operation of a diode-side-pumped, conduction-cooled Tm,Ho:YLF laser oscillator with 100-mJ output at a pulse repetition rate of 20 Hz and an eye-safe wavelength of 2-μm was achieved. The noncomposite Tm,Ho:YLF laser rod was conduction-cooled down to -80°C through thermal contact of In films from Cu heat sinks, and the laser diode arrays were(More)
We have developed a conductively cooled, Q-switched 2 μm laser with a triangular-prism Tm,Ho:LLF rod. Using a fused-silica acousto-optic Q-switch, the laser produced an output energy of 30 mJ in a single Q-switched pulse at a pulse repetition frequency of 5 Hz. Although the laser rod had polished lateral surfaces, no parasitic oscillation occurred, even at(More)
The Infrared Cloud Imager (ICI) is a ground-based instrument for measuring spatial cloud statistics. ICI uses an uncooled microbolometer detector array to record downwelling infrared atmospheric emission in the 8-14 μm spectral band with 320x240 pixels. The ICI system has been deployed at Poker Flat Research Range near Fairbanks, Alaska, at Barrow, Alaska,(More)
A diode-pumped Tm, Ho:GdVO4 laser with a side-pumping configuration is demonstrated for the first time to our knowledge. Optimum Tm and Ho dopant concentrations for GdVO4 are somewhat lower than those for garnet and fluoride crystals. With a 3% Tm, 0.3% Ho:GdVO4 crystal an output energy of 31.2 mJ and a slope efficiency of 14.5% were obtained in normal-mode(More)