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Reading digital comic on mobile phone is demanding now. Instead of create a new mobile comic contents, adaptation of the existing digital comic web portal is valuable. In this paper, we proposed an automatic e-comic mobile content adaptation method for automatically create mobile comic content from existing digital comic website portal. Automatic e-comic(More)
A method for automatic e-comic scene frame extraction is proposed for displaying large scale of comic scenes onto relatively small size of display screen such as mobile devices. In line with the rapid development of mobile devices, reading comic in small screen mobile devices is also demanded and required. The challenge in providing e-comics for small(More)
Although nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is associated with visceral obesity, the relationship between visceral fat accumulation and skeletal muscle steatosis in patients with NAFLD has not been established. We evaluated: (1) the relationship between multifidus muscular tissue steatosis, visceral fat accumulation, and biochemical data in a(More)
Comparative study between 2D and 3D Local Binary Patter (LBP) methods for extraction from Computed Tomography (CT) imagery data in lung cancer diagnosis is conducted. The lung image classification is performed using probabilistic neural network (PNN) with histogram similarity as distance measure. The technique is evaluated on a set of CT lung images from(More)
We propose an electric wheelchair controlled by gaze direction and eye blinking. A camera is set up in front of a wheelchair user to capture image information. The sequential captured image is interpreted to obtain the gaze direction and eye blinking properties. The gaze direction is expressed by the horizontal angle of the gaze, and this is derived from(More)
Human Gait as the recognition object is the famous biometrics system recently. Many researchers had focused this issue to consider for a new recognition system. One of the important advantage in this recognition compare to other is it does not require observed subject’s attention and assistance. There are many human gait datasets created within the last 10(More)
Creating a digital Manga comic for mobile devices is chalenging because of the limitation of device's screen size and time consuming of the process. In this paper, we proposed an efficient method for automatically creating mobile content of digital Manga comic from scanned of printed digital comic by extracting comic frame, comic balloon and Japanese(More)
Eye-based Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with full specification of mouse and keyboard by human eyes only is proposed for, in particular, disabled person and for input device of wearable computing. It utilizes pupil knowledge in gaze estimation process. Existing conventional eye-mouse, gaze-mouse does not robust against various types of users with(More)