Koh'ichiro Yamaguchi

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This paper introduces a paradigm for designing multimodal dialogue systems. An example system task of the system is to retrieve particular information about different shops in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, such as their names, addresses and phone numbers. The system accepts speech and screen touching as input, and presents retrieved information on a screen(More)
Publish/subscribe (Pub/Sub) communication service is one of the most promising to achieve scalable information dissemination service. We are planning demonstration experiments of Pub/Sub systems as a word-mouth information distribution service (WIDS) for users such as resident, shopper and traveler in Kobe, Japan, with the support of the Strategic(More)
The speed remains an important issue for road safety. The respect of speed limits by the user requires a good legibility of the road section in terms of Maximum Authorized Speeds (MAS). The speed limits mus be introduced according to administrative and safety criteria defined by the manager and/or the legislator; but must also be consistent with the road(More)
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